The Mikki High 

Bully No More! Project

Meet Mikki High

Mikki High has a passion to see young children and teens live their lives free from abuse, fear, and oppression.   At age 16, Mikki along with her father organized The Mikki High Bully No More! Project® in response to personal tragedy and triumph in their own lives.  Mikki, like millions of other adolescents, was at one time bullied, but found solace in writing music and playing the guitar.  Now as a music recording artist and the national spokesperson for The Mikki High Bully No More! Project®, she is devoted to giving a voice to the thousands of students who live in silence because of bullying. With her concerts, rallies, and movie nights, the artist literally sets the stage for student empowerment.


Since 2011, The Mikki High Bully No More! Project® has toured across the southeastern part of the United States visiting private and public schools, churches, community-sponsored events, and shopping malls promoting bully awareness, education, and prevention.  Through her website and online television show, Mikki High reaches millions worldwide with the message of Hope and Love to those closely affected by bullying-related issues. Through her public appearances and speaking engagements, Mikki High is instrumental in getting youth and adults alike to understand that bullying is serious and has gone too far for too long and we all have a part to make a difference.  With this in mind, Mikki High, along with her teams faithfully set up kiosks throughout the community just to pass out literature on the topic of bullying.  Making this commitment has led many others to do the same, allowing us to extend our range of influence further.  We are excited that young people will be able to live  productive lives in the absence of bullying in their homes, their schools, their workplaces, and their society altogether.


Mikki High is privileged to have had many opportunities to share her mission, her music, and message to so many.  She has been recognized for her work with The Mikki High Bully No More! Project® by several television networks, radio stations, newspapers, and community leaders and service organizations.  When Mikki is not being interviewed by reporters or is not on stage, she loves to spend time serving others and enjoying time with family and friends.  She hopes in the next few years to tour more of the country encouraging others to take an active role in bullying prevention, awareness, and education.  It is her hope that more people will join the movement with The Mikki High Bully No More! Project® and help stomp out bullying.