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    Can help sponsor a Mikki High Bully No More kiosk.  LEARN MORE 

  2. A kiosk can be used to draw attention to the anti-bullying cause and a way to share, as well as a way to share important literature about putting an end to bullying in our schools.



    Can assist with a seminar, webinar, or workshop for Parents, Educators, and/or Community Leaders.  LEARN MORE 

  2.     Bully behavior (attention-seeking Personality), violence and suicide, etc., cyber-bullying, bully prevention strategies, the 1-2-3-4 Bully No More! campaign to put an end to bullying, and other topics useful for adults who work closely with children and teens are discussed in this presentation.   
    This is ideal for Parent and Teacher Association meetings, town hall meetings, and teacher workshops. 



    Can assist with the school assembly program for students.  LEARN MORE 

  2.    In this setting, students and teachers can learn about the basics of bullying- including what bullying is, bully prevention strategies, the harmful effects of bullying, cyber-bullying, and the 1-2-3-4 Bully No More! Campaign to put an end to bullying.



    Can help sponsor a Bully No More concert/movie night.  LEARN MORE 

  2.   Mikki High, along with her team of volunteers will make an appearance at your drug- free, non-violent rally or parade to promote the anti-bullying message in your community. 



    Can help sponsor a special appearance by Mikki High at a youth rally or parade.   LEARN MORE 

  2.  Mikki High and the Dance Revue use live music and special effects/lighting technology to spread the message of hope and love to students. This is an exciting presentation that can be used to reward students for their participation in the anti-bullying campaign and activities.

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